I'm a DevOps Strategist and Enabler. Currently helping organizations in their DevOps transformation journey via TRL.

About me

  • Accomplished DevOps Enabler, skilled in identifying, developing and implementing digital strategies in alignment with business objectives.
  • Particularly interested in containerization and challenges around it. Would love to chat, if discussions like this interest you: Coexistence of containers and configuration management.

Here's how TRL help organizations in their DevOps journey:

  • Current state assessment of IT systems to determine DevOps maturity and define DevOps capabilities and lay out roadmap.
  • Build future proof IT systems applying DevOps best practices, following Agile methodologies, using well designed automation processes, tools & technologies.
  • Specialising in Agile, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Cloud, Infrastructure as Code, Infrastructure Provisioning, Orchestration, Monitoring, Alerting and Dash-boarding.